Ace Tan is your better estate agent in Johor Bahru for Land Sale and Factory Sale. She is always responsive to any of your inquiries on assets-related issues.


Land Area : 0 - 500,000 SqFt +

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Johor is strategically geolocated, to its best advantage to serve and support magnificent activities around 2 metropolises. It is industrialists’ best fortress.

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Being a #1 Commercial & Industrial Agent, I needed to be inline with business perspectives, a timely and precise buy. Eagerness in my works with passionate had made me progresses altogether with business owners. I was thus able to know my clients better. I had gain invaluable market knowledges on Land and Industrial Sales to better offer a top-notch service. Whilst professionalism and accountabilities are keys to fulfilling estate transactions, communications with my clients is as vital. I focus on my clients’ search intend sharply to deliver a more customised experience. Essentially, owner of Lands, Industrials Property and Factories reached out to me for a prospective sales since our group holds potential buyers more often than not. 


Endless Explorations into Johor Remarkable Lands & Factories with Ace Tan.

Newly built and resale factories are readily available for your selections.

Variety of sizes, land or built-up, can meet your requirements and needs.

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We have what you will need in our inventory. Our list of estates is non-exhaustive. Get us connected to reach for vast varieties of opportunities and possibilities.

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Ace Tan is well equipped with the necessities to deliver revolutionary land & factory transactions in Johor. Networking in the industry is her key forte in achieving a favorable position.

  • Sell your Estate at lightning speed
  • Selling your Factory with ease
  • Selling your Land effortlessly
  • Achieving the most desired price with Selling your Industrial Property | Selling your Commercial Property | Selling of your Land

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Lands of any size can be delivered to your requirements.

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Factories of any needs can be catered and accustomed.

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